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As summer draws to a close and summer intensives finish there

are so many things going on. If you have been away for the whole

summer coming back and showing everyone what you learned while

you were gone can prove to be a very intimidating task. There are some

things that you should keep in mind while readjusting to your normal

dance schedule.



One of the reasons that we train at California Ballet is for the

incredible and diverse training we are provided. While you were away,

wherever you went, they probably had their own “quirks” or specific

ways of doing things that are more than likely a little different than how

we do things here at Cal Bal. Its important to remember everything that

you learned while you were away while also coming back and dancing

the way the teachers at home prefer.



This might seem a little silly but when I first came back it was one

of the hardest things to adapt to. I have noticed throughout the years

that most summer intensives, weather you dance on college campus or

in school building, have grey marley in their studios. Coming back to

Cal Bal’s black floors can be quite a change. It may throw you off a little

for your first few classes back but you will adjust quickly.



This isn’t something that you need to readjust to but I feel like it’s

important to say. Most summer intensives have long days of dancing

with conditioning, yoga, or Pilates classes which put you in tip top shape

when you come home. Obviously, it’s not possible for most of us to

maintain a summer schedule during the year but if you keep stretching

every day and work really hard in your classes, then you can retain

more of what you accomplished during the summer.

Summer intensives are one of the highlights of the year for most

of us. But what really makes then awesome is coming home and seeing

how much you’ve gained and improved in such a short time.


~ Melanie Z.

CBS student and Junior Company member