Children's Division Ballet Classes

Children’s Division (Toddler – Ballet D)
Ages 2 to 8 years old

The Children’s Division emphasizes creative expressive response to music and the development of strength, poise, and group interaction skills. Special attention is given to the physical, emotional and mental developmental needs of our youngest students. In young children the muscles and bones are delicate and must not be over-stressed during their formative years. Our faculty, under the expert guidance of Principal Maxine Mahon, carefully watches for proper, healthy alignment in the legs, lower back, and stomach. A graduated, progressive approach to muscle effort insures the proper development of young bodies. Ballet class levels are determined primarily by student’s age.

The levels in this division gradually introduce students to the balletic syllabus and prepare them to enter the Intermediate Division. In the Children’s Division students build the foundation that is crucial to further development and a lifelong love and appreciation of dance, movement, and the arts.


Intermediate Division Ballet ClassesIntermediate Division (Ballet 1 – Ballet 4)
Ages 8 to 12 years old

The primary focus of this division is on developing technique, musicality, proper placement, strength and poise. Pointe work is introduced in Ballet 4.

Students in the Intermediate Division have the opportunity to broaden their dance skills by exploring various dance styles in addition to ballet. California Ballet School offers Spanish dance and five levels of Jazz dance as part of a complete curriculum of dance genres.

Because dance is a performing art, students in Ballet 4 and above participate in weekly workshops to develop performance skills and experience. The students learn to understand how steps taught in ballet class relate to choreography. Dances taught in workshop are performed in outreach venues year-round.


Advanced Division Ballet ClassesPre-Professional Division (Ballet 5 – Ballet 8)
Ages 12 to 18 years old

Focusing on professionally oriented students, the pre-professional division emphasizes commitment, artistic integrity, performance quality, and technical excellence. The curriculum in this division is designed to nurture and develop dancers for a professional career in dance. The intensive curriculum requires a high level of motivation. Students receive thorough training in classical ballet technique and repertoire, pointe, variations, pas de deux, Spanish dance, character dance, jazz dance, and body dynamics. Dance related academic classes include anatomy, injury prevention, nutrition, dance history, and the study of great ballets and dancers.

Selected students from the Pre-Professional Division perform with the California Ballet Company in all major productions. Each season, CBC Director Maxine Mahon chooses a select number of advanced students to study as apprentices with the professional Company. Dancers are occasionally chosen from this division to participate in international ballet competitions.

The Pre-Professional Division is taught at the Main Centre in Kearny Mesa. Faculty include School Director Maxine Mahon, CBC Ballet Mistress Judith Sharp, CBC Ballet Master Paul Koverman, and CBC Ballerina Denise Dabrowski. A placement class is required for this division. We strongly recommend a personal consultation with the Director, Maxine Mahon. Placement classes and consultations are arranged through the registrar. Please call for information or come in to observe our classes.


Boys Division Ballet ClassesBoys’ Division (Boys – Mens)
5 years old and up

We are proud to present our program just for males, focused specifically on the technique and abilities of a male dancer. Ballet is a highly beneficial practice for boys and men, teaching focus, strength, stamina, motor skills, and discipline. Boys develop the physicality necessary to move with grace and strength in equal measure. Motor skills improve, enhancing all physical activities. Self discipline and respect for others is stressed, and a love and respect for the art of dance begins to develop.

In a boys-only class, young men delight in an atmosphere where they can interact with each other in a challenging and disciplined setting, without feeling self-conscious. Whether or not the male student pursues dance as a career, the mental, physical and social skills he acquires in the ballet class will benefit him throughout his life. He will also have the knowledge and experience to appreciate the value of the arts in today’s world. The boys class is recommended for ages 5-11 and the men’s class for age 12 and up.  Boys are invited to take other classes as well, such as Jazz and Hip Hop. Please contact us about our Boy’s Scholarship program.


Adult Division ClassesAdult Division (Beginning, Intermediate or Open)
14 years old to Adult

California Ballet School offers ballet classes for adults who wish to enjoy the physical and aesthetic benefits of dance in a more recreational atmosphere. The Beginner Adult Ballet class is ideal for those new to ballet or revisiting a former pastime. The Open Adult Classes are ideal for adults with intermediate to advanced dance experience.

Ballet is also a perfect complement to other forms of exercise – improving coordination, muscle tone, and flexibility. Adults have the opportunity to participate in the annual All School Concert given every June in a local San Diego theater.