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As young dancers we spend our days dreaming of taking center stage. We dream of joining one of the big

and flashy companies and of dancing in beautiful theaters all over the world. And more importantly, we

dream of becoming prima ballerinas who are loved by all. We dream of becoming one of the amazing

dancers that we stalk on YouTube until the wee hours of the morning. For each generation of young

dancers this cast of elite primas changes. When our parents were children, this cast consisted of

Patricia McBride, Sylvie Guillem, Darcy Bussell, and Gelsey Kirkland and many others. While our

generation knows of these dancers and recognizes them for their immense talent and skill, we can now

acknowledge a whole different roster of dancers. So, for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking

about, below is a compiled list of our generation’s greatest prima ballerinas.


19e5q5gghr3w8jpgMisty Copeland

Definitely one of the most popular dancers

of this era, this new principal at American

Ballet Theatre is known for the athleticism

in her dancing. She has made ballet a more

widely recognized art form through ad

campaigns with Under Armour. She also

has written a book about her struggles with

diversity in the dance world and had a documentary made about her life that came out this past year. (photo credit: Under Armour)


Tiler Peck

Tiler Peck is a young principal at New York City Ballet. She is a

homegrown Balanchine dancer who trained at School of

American Ballet until graduating into the company and swiftly

moving up the ranks. She shows great grace and control when

she dances and is a joy to watch onstage. But she doesn’t just

dance she also took to the stage as an actor/dancer in the

musical Little Dancer at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

(photo credit: Nathan Sayers)



tumblr_n5odg2TUTY1shafico4_r1_500Maria Kochetkova

By far one of the shortest prima ballerinas of our time, Maria

Kochetkova is a principal dancer at San Francisco Ballet.

She attended the Bolshoi Ballet School and graduated to

perform with the Royal Ballet and then with SFB. She is

known for her somewhat quirky style and her immense

presence on the stage. This year, she joined ABT as a guest

principal and will perform with the company throughout

their upcoming season. (photo credit: Erik Tomasson)


imgresSvetlana Zakharova

Svetlana Zakharova is one of the greats. She trained with the

Bolshoi and is now one of their principal dancers. She is known

for her insane flexibility and amazing feet. She has flawless

technique and beautiful lines. Not only that, but she has a child

and can still dance like no other. She first premiered with the

Mariinsky Ballet and has danced leading roles with many major

companies around the world.  (photo credit: Mario Veloso)


Natalia Osipova

Natalia Osipova is another notable Russian

Ballerina. She is known for her boldness and

confidence when she dances. She has danced

as a principal with many major ballet companies

including Bolshoi Ballet, ABT, the Mikhailovsky

Ballet, and most recently the Royal Ballet. Natalia

is an amazing ballerina who keeps her audience’s

eyes glued to her the entire time she is on the stage.

(photo credit: Helen Maybanks)


If you haven’t heard of any of these beautiful dancers you’ve been missing out. I would recommend

looking them up on YouTube and watching these beautiful ladies work their magic. With each

generation of dancers our understanding of the body, and of the technique, increases which means

that each year the dancers get better and better. Our generation’s dancers are setting the “barre” pretty

high for the many primas to come.

~ Melanie Z.