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Dear California Ballet tissue boxes,

We’ve had a long journey together. Year after year your black and white flower print and sleek blue edges have kept me company in the studios. When I was sick and sniffley, you were there for me. It hasn’t been an easy journey though. I’ve been there for you when you were flattened. Squished. Handled. Used only has a prop when Ms. Judy, or Ms. Denise is demonstrating concepts to us. Used only to be shoved into the tips of sweaty, stinky pointe shoes. Used only as center marks and as cleaning supplies. Not fully understood for your inner genius. You have sat patiently and solemnly watching over the empty studios while we were away. Awaiting our return and the laughter and music that came with it. You understand your role and accept your responsibilities gracefully. You have become a permanent fixture in our studios. What would we do without you as our careful watch dogs? Even so, you remain without a true place in society. Is your home atop the pianos, or would you prefer to live atop the CD player? You are still undecided, tossed back and forth. When your insides ring empty and we go to replace you with a cousin, a tear comes to our eyes. So I thank you for all that you have done without us even asking. I thank you for protecting our delicate and swollen toes from blisters. I thank you for marking our way as we dance and for everything else that you do for us. Thank you.

Much love,

The Students of California Ballet